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Our advisors help clients answer the three most critical questions in their lives: WILL I MAKE IT? DO I HAVE ANY FINANCIAL BLIND SPOTS? HOW DO I TRANSFER MY ESTATE OR BUSINESS TO MY BENEFICIARIES?   'SERVICE, INTEGRITY, and RELATIONSHIP, why we chose the bonsai tree as our logo.' ?Service The art of bonsai is a process where the tree both guides and is guided by the practitioner. Often this practice and the tree are passed on through many generations. We will partner with our clients in a long term, dynamic relationship that is flexible to change but built to last. Integrity When sculpting a bonsai tree a master practitioner does not choose the shape of the three, the tree dictates the form that is chosen. The master allows the true form of the tree to guide each decision or cut that is made. As we work with our clients, their unique goals and interests guide our recommendations and actions. Relationship Not only does it take years of practice to learn to sculpt the bonsai tree, but it also takes years of care and attention to form a single tree. We believe it is the same with the service that we provide our clients. We continually educate ourselves and our clients on the financial industry and new ways we may be of service. We spend as much time as needed with every client to create and implement an in-depth financial plan for their family or business.


Tonya Maness
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Financial & Insurance
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